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The Results Are In!
Dawn Foods Announces the Winners
of the Atlantic Bakery Expo Cupcake
Decorating Contest
Jackson, Mich. (April 5, 2012) – Dawn Food Products
is proud to present the winners of the Dawn Cupcake
Decorating Contest! Hopefuls flocked by the hundreds to
Dawn’s booth at the Atlantic Bakery Expo on March 18th
and 19th in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with three talented
participants taking home a prize on each day.
“We wanted our customers to experience our products
first hand and get to have some fun in the process,” says Paul
Caske, Dawn Food’s VP of Sales. “The contest generated
energy and excitement at the ABE show and really showed off
the amazing creativity of our customers.”
On day one, Michelle Weeks of Baker’s Treat took home
first place with her hamburger design that demonstrated
creativity through the use of the cupcake in a different way –
slicing it open to make it into a bun. It also showed amazing
attention to detail from the sesame seeds on the bun to the
little gherkin on the cake board. Second place went to Leslie
Serrano of It Is All About The Cake who created a cupcake
made to look like an apple, complete with worm, which won
for original use of icing and toppings. Sharon Briseno of
Cameron’s Bakery was the third place winner with her mini
wedding cake creation, which was a design standout and
masterfully decorated.
Day two showed equal promise amongst the competition.
The first place winner, Kristi Schetrompf of Cindy’s Sweets
and Supplies, Inc., snagged the prize for a birdhouse that
illustrated attention to detail and originality through the use
of the cupcake as a backdrop for a creative nature scene. The
second place went to Adrienne Porcella of Herman’s Bakery,
Inc. and her bunny and basket cupcake, which used many
icing colors and a skillfully done weave on the basket. Jessica
Wong of Dreamville Retro Bake Shop LLC took home third
place with her shopping theme creation depicting a shoe and
purse created from chocolate shavings – a perfect example of
using materials in a way no one else thought to do.
Some common trends seen at the Dawn Cupcake
Decorating Contest included creating mini cakes from the
cupcakes, spring-themed cupcakes, and animal cupcakes
(every creature from dogs to owls, birds, iguanas, fish,
alligators, butterflies, crabs and a lobster!) There were also
plenty of wedding cake cupcakes and cupcakes designed to
resemble other foods, even a pile of spaghetti and meatballs.
“These decorators were absolutely inspiring,” says
Alan Gardner, General Manager of Dawn’s New Jersey
distribution center. “Their creative expression, intense focus
and willingness to try something new was amazing!”
Over the course of the two days, Dawn’s booth hosted
approximately 250 contestants. The pool was comprised
primarily of bakers, decorators and student bakers
representing retail bakeries, in-store bakeries and technical
schools. They hailed from across the country including
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut,
Massachusetts, Washington DC, North Carolina, Virginia,
West Virginia, Ohio and Rhode Island. Winners received
prize packs that included baking accessories like cupcake
pans, decorating tube sets, oven mitts, cupcake liners,
spatulas, scrapers and more.
L-R: Michelle Weeks of Baker’s Treat 1st place hamburger design,
Leslie Serrano’s apple cupcake, and Sharon Briseno’s mini wedding cake creation.