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Off The Wire
Are you happy with what you are seeing in the industry
with respect to all the media attention received by toward
pastry and baking professionals? Is there a down side to the
Yes it is good to see pastry chefs getting the recognition
they deserve. Also the creative talents of pastry chefs are very
diverse. It is great that the media is showing them all, not just
one style. I don’t think there really is a down side. The more
attention the better.
As the first every pastry chef to get an all dessert show
on Food Network (Sweet Dreams started airing in 2001-the
same year I got my James Beard Award) I am very happy with
the continued attention pastry chefs are receiving. I think it’s
wonderful. I don’t see a down side. I think it’s a sign of our
society becoming more developed and civilized. I love that
people know there chef, there hair dresser, their dentist and
their pastry chef.
I am very happy that the pastry industry is finally coming
out from the dark. We still have a long way for people to
understand that pastry is more than what they think. Luckily
there are great people like Michael Laiskonis, Johnny Iuzzini
and Jean-Philippe Maury that make people talk about pastry
and know that it is more than just chocolate mousse.
What advice can you provide to our readers who are
looking to establish a name for themselves and stake their
claim in the culinary world?
Put your head down and work hard. Stay creative. Meet
other pastry chefs, eat their desserts, see what they are doing.
Always say yes to gain the experience, and always where
comfortable shoes! And respect journalists deadlines...
Learn the basics. Learn two or three different things and
then make up your own style. Don’t jump too fast. There are
lots of things to learn in pastry. It is all about repeating the
same move over and over and improving. Pastry is about
being gentle with your hands and having talent. 
James Beard
– photo DanWynn
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