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Regional Showcase
24 Pastry & Baking North America
Serves 6-8 people
Caramel Filling
10 0z sugar
2 oz glucose or corn syrup
4 oz butter
½ tspn fleur de sel
10 oz heavy cream
3 sheets gelatin
Place sugar and glucose in a pot and
cook until amber color. Add the butter
and salt, turn flame off add cream  and
put back on the stove until caramel
homogenizes. Poor in to a bowl add
gelatin sheets and set aside. make sure to
place gelatin sheets in cold water first to
make them soft.
Chocolate Ganache
21 oz chocolate
21 oz heavy cream
1 vanilla bean
Place heave cream in a pot with the
vanilla beans. Bring to a boil and poor
heavy cream over the chocolate, let sit
for 1 minute and stir until it comes
Chocolate dough
7 oz butter
5oz confectioner sugar
12.5 oz all purpose flour
2.6 oz whole eggs
1 oz cacao powder
11 oz all purpose flour
Place butter and sugar in a mixer and
cream together until soft and smooth. 
Add eggs and mix, add dry ingredients
and mix until it comes together. Put
inside the refrigerator for al least half
hour to rest. Roll dough about 1/3 inch
thick place in a ring mold or tart shell
and refrigerate . Bake tart shells at 300°F
for 16 minutes.
Pour caramel about 1/3 in to the
chocolate tart shell and let set. Pour
ganache into the tart shell covering the
caramel filling and let set. When ready
serve, place onto plate and serve with a
scoop of the ice cream.
Vanilla Ice cream
1 qt of heavy cream
8 yolks
8oz sugar
2 vanilla beans
In a pot place the half and half with the
vanilla beans and bring to a boil. In a
bowl pace the yolks with the sugar and
mix. When half and half comes to a
boil pour over the eggs and mix. Pour
back into the pot and cook until it
coats the spoon. Set aside until it cools,
place in to ice cream machine and spin
until it’s smooth.
Chocolate Caramel Tart withVanilla Ice Cream
Theodore Kanellopoulous
Pastry Chef
Alison Eighteen
15West 18th Street
NewYork, NY 10011
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