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Regional Showcase
26 Pastry & Baking North America
Cashew Sponge
100g Cashew flour, toasted
82g 10X
30g Cake Flour
60g Whites
18g Heavy Cream
60g Coeur de Guanaja
10g Oil
168g Whites
50g Trimolene
2g Fleur de sel
In a Robo Coupe, blend cashew flour,
10X, cake flour, whites, and cream to
smooth. Melt Guanaja and oil together,
fold into cashew mixture. Make cold
meringue with whites, trimolene and
salt. Fold chocolate mixture with
whites. Pipe into Fleximold and bake
in a preheated 190°C degree oven for 7
Caramel Glaze
215g Sugar
175g Cream
175g Water
6g Cornstarch
6g Gelatin
70g Coeur de Guanaja
Caramel luster
In a pot, make a dry caramel with sugar.
Heat cream. Break caramel with hot
cream. Combine water and cornstarch.
Add slurry to caramel. Allow to boil.
Take off heat, add bloomed gelatin,
chocolate and luster color. Blend to
Coeur de Guanaja Ganache
112g Cream
33g Trimolene
75g Coeur de Guanaja
In a pot, heat cream and trimolene to
scald, pour over Coeur de Guanaja.
Blend to smooth. Pour over cashew
sponge and spread evenly. Allow to set.
Mango Gellee
200g Mango
50g Passion
30g Sugar
1g Sea Salt
1 Vanilla bean
Heat mango, passion fruit, sugar, salt,
and vanilla to boil. Take off heat, add
bloomed gelatin. Disperse into mold.
Place in blast freezer.
Cashew Nougatine
80g Glucose
96g Butter
120g Sugar
3g Pectin
120g Cashew flour
2g Sea salt
In a pot, bring glucose, butter, sugar,
pectin, and salt to a boil. Add cashew
flour and salt. Stir to combine. Pour
immediately onto a Silpat and roll
thin. Bake in preheated 150°C oven for
15 minutes. Cut into rectangles while
warm. Set aside for plate up.
Chocolate Banana Cremeux
100g Milk
100g Cream
50g Banana
22g Sugar
46g Yolks
40g Orizaba
70g Coeur de Guanaja
2g Gelatin
In a pot, combine milk, cream, banana,
and sugar. Bring to scald, temper in
yolks. Make anglaise. Take off heat, add
Orizaba, Coeur de Guanaja, and salt.
Burmix to smooth. Disperse on top of
frozen gellee and blast freeze.
Coeur de Guanaja Mousse
32g Sugar
15g Glucose
156g Heavy cream
52g Yolks
50g Coeur de Guanaja
30g Orizaba
6g Gelatin
250g Cream, soft whip
Make a caramel with sugar and glucose.
Break with warm cream. Temper in
yolks to make anglaise. Remove from
heat. Add chocolate and gelatin. Burmix
to smooth. Fold in cold soft whipped
cream. Disperse into mold. Press frozen
gelee/cremeaux insert into mousse. Blast
freeze. Once completely frozen. Glaze
mousse with caramel glaze.
Assembly and Finishing
Place Coeur de Guanaja ganache inside
each cashew sponge. Place a circle of
cashew nougatine on top. Glaze frozen
mousse with gellee and cremeux with
caramel glaze. Place on top of nougatine
and finish with chocolate garnish and
gold leaf.
Los Angeles
Sally Camacho
Pastry Chef
WP 24
900West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
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