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Regional Showcase
30 Pastry & Baking North America
Yield: 12
Walnut Feuilletine
280g Walnuts
260g White chocolate   
190g Feuilletine
4g Salt
1. Toast
walnuts until dark and
Robocoup until they are a smooth
2. Melt chocolate and mix all together. 
Spread on a half sheet tray that has
been sprayed with Pam and lined with
3. Set in freezer. 
4. Cut with 80 cutter when frozen. 
5. Place discs on a lined sheet tray in the
middle of number 100 ring mold and
to the freezer.
375g 40%Valrhona
125g 70%Valrhona
35g Glucose
Pinch of Salt
450g Cream
1. Bri
ng cream to a boil and pour over
chocolates, glucose, and salt.  Slowly
mix ganache, being careful not to
incorporate any air. 
2. To set tortas, pull molds with
feuilletine from freezer.
3. Fill with ganache until the feuilletine is
just covered.
4. Return
molds to freezer until set.
Orange Caramel
150g Sugar
75g Orange juice
25g Lemon juice
Make a dry caramel with the sugar and
bring it just to the point before it burns.
Add juices and return to a boil.  Remove
from heat and cool.
Chocolate Sauce
325g Cream
35g Milk
20g Glucose
225g 70%Valrhona
Bring cream and milk to a boil.  Pour
over glucose and chocolate and mix.
Cinnamon Gelato
50g Sugar
5ea Cinnamon sticks
750g Milk
250g Cream
200g Sugar
3g Stabilizer
100g Yolks
1. Toast ci
nnamon sticks in a heavy
bottomed pot over high heat.  Add the
first measurement of sugar and make
a dark caramel - watch for cinnamon
sticks popping.  Add cream and milk
and mix well. 
2. Mix the sugar and stabilizer
together and add to the warm milk
mixture. Bring to 90°C, temper in
yolks, return to heat and bring back up
to 82°C - stirring constantly. 
3. Remove from heat and chill. 
Refrigerate overnight with cinnamon
sticks left in anglaise. 
4. Strain and freeze in a batch freezer
according to manufacturer’s
Large rectangle plate
Orange zest
Chopped toasted walnuts
1. Cut an off center hole in the tortas
with a 30 cutter and carefully unmold
by lightly torching the sides of the
mold with a propane torch. 
2. With warm chocolate sauce make
two swooshes across the plate on the
diagonal in an x - starting on the left
hand side of the plate.  Place the torta
slightly off center to the right with the
hole at 7 o’clock.
3. Push a piece of toasted walnut into the
top of torta on the right side - this is to
anchor the quenelle of gelato.  Fill the
hole with the orange caramel. 
4. Place a quenelle the cinnamon gelato
on torta at a slight angle.  Finish the
plate with a few grains of salt and a
small amount of orange zest on top of
the quenelle.
Torta di Noce
Erin Burns
Pastry Chef
AVoce Columbus
The Shops at Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor
NewYork, NY 10019
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