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Tempt Your Limits
36 Pastry & Baking North America
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1. Pipe a small amount of the citrus fluid gel
into the bottom of the jar.
2. Place the fruit suspension from the mold into
the jar.
3. Place the micro lemongrass leaves, the micro
lime-basil leaves and the candied grapefruit
cubes around the edge of the jar as desired.
4. Top the fruit suspension with the nougatine.
5. Expel the key lime espuma from the foam
gun into the jar, filling it almost to the top.
6. Top the espuma with small pieces of the
hazelnut crumble and also small pieces of the
hazelnut air cake.
7. Pipe dots of the orange curd randomly on top
of the cake and crumble.
8. Garnish with more micro-herbs and candied
grapefruit cubes as desired.
9. Insert the filled pipette into the top of the