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Hands On Chocolate
60 Pastry & Baking North America
Publisher’s Note:
Prior to his joining Guittard
Chocolate as the in-house pastry chef, Donald
Wressell spent 19 years at the Four Seasons
Beverly Hills where he was named the 2005 Pastry
Chef of the Year, won Silver and Gold medals in
the Grand Salon Culinaire and placed second at
the Les Masters du Chocolat competition. Chef
Donald also represented the USA four times in
Le Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie and recently
captained the winning team at the 2011 National
Pastry Team Championship.
Pound Cake
A good pound cake has the ability to put a smile on the face
of the toughest, hardest-to-please guest. Perhaps, it’s the
pound cake’s inherent link to childhood or the moist, cakey
overtones that makes everyone happy.Yet, a great chocolate
pound cake can be truly transformative and provide your
guest with a lifelong point of culinary reference.The following
is a great chocolate pound cake recipe that is rich and
decadent and made with a genuine love of chocolate.
Photos by Vanessa Stump
Chocolate Pound
Cake Crumble:
107g Butter
150g Demarra Sugar
98g Cake Flour
120g Hazelnuts (roasted)
22g E. Guittard Cacao Rouge
.85g Baking Soda
1g Salt
1g Saigon Cinnamon
Stand mixer
Rubber spatula
Food processor
Small loaf pans
Baking paper
Box grater
Plastic scraper
Cake Batter:
190g Unsalted Butter
300g Sugar
160g Whole Eggs
150g All Purpose Flour
35g E. Guittard Cacao Rouge
3g Salt
1g Baking Powder
117g Buttermilk
5g Vanilla
32g Water
2g Instant Coffee
50g E. Guittard
91% Nocturne