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Grand Gateaux
64 Pastry & Baking North America
Publisher’s Note:
Kirsten Tibballs is one of
Australia’s most celebrated and internationally
respected pastry chefs. Specialising in chocolate
and patisserie, Kirsten is the Australian Ambassador
for Callebaut and Cacao Barry Chocolate and she
established the Savour Chocolate and Patisserie
School in Melbourne in 2002. For more information
visit www.
I was inspired by Serendipi BlackVelvet Tea which is
one of my favorite drinks. I wanted to encapsulate my
pleasure of drinki g tea into a delicious petit gateaux.
It was important to balance the flavours so the tea is
still the highlight.
Lemon Madeline Biscuit
Salted Caramelized Banana
Black Velvet Tea Cream
Salted Caramel Cubes
Serendipi Tea Black Velvet
Boiron Lemon Puree
Gold Gelatine Sheets
Sliced Bananas
PCB Chocolate Velvet Spray
PCB Yellow Velvet Spray
Demarle Labyrinth Relief Mat ref TF01000
300mm x 400mm Cake Frame
Demarle Flexipat Large
Demarle Silpat Mat
150g Unsalted Butter
100g Icing Sugar
250g Plain Flour
50g Almond Meal
50g Egg Yolks
1 Vanilla Bean
PCB Yellow Velvet Spray
Cream the icing sugar, cut and scraped vanilla bean and
butter until there are no lumps of butter remaining. Add in
the egg yolks followed by almond meal and flour. Press into a
flat square and chill before rolling out. Roll out onto Demarle
Labyrinth relief mat and bake at 170°C for 8 -10 minutes.
Trim into rectangles and spray with yellow cocoa butter.
Lemon Madeleine Biscuit
200g Unsalted Butter
245g Plain Flour
120g Icing Sugar
10g Baking Powder
245g Whole Eggs
130g Inverted Sugar
50g Milk
3g Salt
10gr Lemon Zest
Mix the butter, lemon zest and the icing sugar. Add the
inverted sugar, milk, and the eggs one by one. Fold through
the flour, salt and the baking powder. Spread in a large
Demarle Flexipat. Bake at 170°C.