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Grand Gateaux
68 Pastry & Baking North America
5. Steep the Black Velvet tea into the milk and cover for an intense infusion.
6. Strain the tea by pressing through a sieve.
7. Re-weigh the milk to 525g and add the cream and boil.
8. Strain the black velvet tea anglaise base and cool to 34°C before folding
through the semi whipped cream.
9. To create the salted caramel cubes caramelize only 1/3 of the sugar at a
time ensuring that it is fully caramelized and dissolved before adding in
the next 1/3. Stir as little as possible because agitating it too much will
cause the sugar to re-crystallize.
10. Roll chilled sable out onto the Demarle Labyrinth relief mat to a 2mm
thickness, trim off the edges and refrigerate before baking. Once baked,
freeze the pastry before peeling off the relief mat and carefully cutting in
to pieces to fit your petit gateaux.
11. Fold the semi whipped cream through the cooled black velvet tea
anglaise base.
12. Apply the Black velvet tea cream on top of the caramelized bananas
and freeze.