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C3 Pastry
Paris, France – Valrhona announced the
winners of the prestigious C3 pastry
competition held on January 26th, 2012
as part of the renowned Madrid Fusion
International Gastronomy Summit in Spain.
As they are every year, the competing
chefs were given a contest theme to follow.
This year the eight participating chefs were
given the directive to create original plated
desserts inspired by the “Architecture of
taste and shapes around P125 Coeur de
Guanaja”. With this mandate, the chefs had
four and a half hours to create a dessert to
be presented on ten plates, as well as twenty
identical petits fours. The recipes prepared
by the finalists were tasted by a jury made of
professional pastry chefs and kitchen chefs
and by a press jury.
L-R: Sally Camacho, Iris Lau, and Kanako Sakakura