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14 Pastry & Baking North America
Lemon Tea
Pralines & Chocolates
Recipe for 1.189 kg/ 41.9 oz/ 4 Tango molds of 21 pieces
Casting of Tango mold
15g 0.53 oz cacao butter yellow
10g 0.35 oz cacao butter red
10g 0.35 oz cacao butter brown
250g 8.82 oz Grenada 38% Rondo
Spray the Tango mold firstly with yellow, then with
red and brown cacao butter. Cast the mold once with
Grenada 38% couverture.
Lemon Vanilla Jelly
250g 8.82 oz lemon juice
16g 0.56 oz granulated sugar
30g 1.06 oz glucose
2g 0.07 oz vanilla bean (1/2 piece)
4g 0.14 oz pectin, yellow ribbon
130g 4.59 oz granulated sugar
1g 0.04 oz citric acid 1:1
Combine lemon juice, first quantity of granulated sugar,
glucose and vanilla bean, heat. Combine the pectin with
the second quantity of granulated sugar, add to the
boiled liquid, continue cooking for 2 minutes. Add citric
acid 1:1 and stir, cover and refrigerate. Stir before use to
a smooth mass.
Earl Grey Ganache
10g 0.35 oz Earl Grey tea
200g 7.05 oz heavy cream 35%
15g 0.53 oz glucose
7g 0.25 oz liquid sorbitol
220g 7.76 oz Grenada 38% Rondo
20g 0.71 oz butter
Let infuse the Earl Grey tea in the liquid heavy cream
overnight in the refrigerator. Add glucose and sorbitol
and bring to a boil. Strain, add the hot liquid to the
Grenada 38% couverture. Cool to 32°C/90°F and add the
soft butter, homogenize with a hand blender to obtain an
elastic, shiny ganache.
Fill one third of the Tango mold with Lemon Vanilla
Jelly and top with the Earl Grey Ganache. Let it set for
24 hours, seal the praline and refrigerate for 15 minutes,
remove from mold.
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Grenada 38% Rondo, Grand Cru couverture, with milk/cream
Tango molds