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16 Pastry & Baking North America
Chef Celine Plano as
Technical Advisor
Chicago – Callebaut®
Finest Belgian
Chocolate™ today
announced that
Chef Celine Plano
has been appointed
Technical Advisor at
the Barry Callebaut
Chocolate Academy
in Chicago.
Chef Plano joins a prestigious and talented team of
Technical Advisors who work with chocolate artisans –
pastry chefs, bakers, confectioners and caterers as well as
up-and-coming chefs – to help them develop new ideas,
creations and recipes.
“We are pleased to
welcome Chef Plano to
the Chicago Chocolate
Academy team, to
share her passion and
wealth of experience
with our students and
our clients,” said Patty
Kopitas, Callebaut Brand
Manager, Americas.
“My years of
experience in my
profession, from pastry shops to fine dining restaurants
to luxury hotels, have prepared me for this wonderful
opportunity,” Chef Plano said. “I’m excited to share my
knowledge and love of chocolate.”
Born in Paris, Chef Plano grew up in the city of
Bayonne, in the Basque country of southwestern France.
She began her career with a two-year apprenticeship in
her hometown at the JP Heynard Patisserie when she
was 15 years old, and obtained her pastry diploma at
the age 17. Over the next several years, she broadened
her experience in pastry shops and restaurants in
southwestern France. At the age of 21, she moved to
Paris to pursue her dreams and over the next five years,
she worked at several Michelin star restaurants and at
the famous Fauchon Patisserie.
In 1997, Chef Celine moved to the United States
where she worked under Chef Frederic Monti at the Ritz
Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta, eventually moving her way
up to Executive Pastry Chef within Ritz Carlton Hotels
from Atlanta to San Francisco.
In 2006, she joined the Four Seasons Hotel as
Opening Executive Pastry Chef for its new property in
Westlake Village, Calif., where she stayed for three years.
In 2009, she joined the culinary team at the Peninsula
Hotel in Chicago as its Executive Pastry Chef.
U.S. Selections
for World
Chocolate Masters
• Leading pâtissiers, chefs and
chocolatiers in the country
invited to compete for title
of U.S. National Chocolate
Master 2012
• Chocolate creations to
convey “Architecture of
Taste” theme using Barry
Callebaut’s gourmet brands
Cacao Barry®, Callebaut®
and Carma®
• Deadline to register
and submit completed
application is June 29, 2012
Chicago – Cacao Barry®, Callebaut® and Carma® are
searching for the next U.S. National Chocolate Master.
The U.S. titleholder will advance to compete against
top culinary artisans from 18 countries in the 2013 World
Chocolate Masters, an initiative of Barry Callebaut, the
world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and
chocolate products. World Chocolate Masters is in its 5th
edition and is the only global culinary competition dedicated
to the art of chocolate.
This year’s theme is “Architecture of Taste.” Pâtissiers,
chefs and chocolatiers will compose flavors and assemble new
textures as well as study and design new shapes in their quest
for pastry and confectionary innovation. They will create a
brand new architecture of taste inspired by Cacao Barry®,
Callebaut® and Carma®, Barry Callebaut’s gourmet brands.
The U.S. competition is now open for registration
online. Once registered, contestants are asked to submit
an application package, including information about their
professional experience, original recipes for chocolate layer
cake and molded praline / molded bonbons as well as a
picture of an original chocolate showpiece. All packages are
due to arrive at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in
Chicago by June 29, 2012.
Up to six finalists will be chosen and flown to Chicago to
compete at the state-of-the-art Barry Callebaut Chocolate
Academy the weekend of November 1-3, 2012. As part
of the final competition, contestants will make a large
chocolate showpiece, a molded praline/molded bonbon and a
gastronomic chocolate dessert.
For the last assignment, each contestant will revisit a
classic American pastry, the donut, and build from his or
her own inspired taste. A professional jury will evaluate the
creations, based on criteria such as presentation, taste and
technical skills.
Official contest rules and entry form are available at