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Chef Emmanuel Ryon
Champion du monde de Pâtisserie
Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Chef Pâtissier Café Pouchkine
Paris, Moscow, New York
Chocolate Experience
An unforgettable
Create a chocolate as unique as your fingerprint...
600 West Chicago Ave., Suite 860 - Chicago, IL 60654 -
To inquire about this unique opportunity, please email
"The Or Noir
Lab experience is simply
magical. At the end of an amazing journey
of playing with chocolates, cocoa liquors
and taste attributes, I was able to first
create a truly unique dark Or Noir
then followed by a milk Or Noir
Not only
did I create two chocolates that met my
expectations, they also are an exclusive
communication tool for Café Pouchkine
in Moscow, Paris and recently New York."
-Emmanuel Ryon
Inspirons vos créations
By Cacao Barry