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An All-Chocolate Cacao Barry® Competition leading to
This year again, our Cacao Barry® teamwas delighted to give top pastry chefs a stage
to shine and show the world their unique talent and endless passion for our fascinating
Congratulations to
Simon Brégardis
, the Winner of
L’Art du Chocolatier™ Challenge 2012!
2nd Place...
Florent Cheveau
Pastry Chef
Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie
Las Vegas, NV
The Best of the Best
Chef Simon Brégardis
Assistant Executive Pastry Chef
Bellagio Resort & Casino
Las Vegas
3rd Place...
Russ Thayer
Assistant Pastry Chef
PreGel America
Charlotte, NC
Our 7 finalists were selected based on their pre-selection submission: portfolio,
gâteau de voyage and spreadable paste. The day of the competition, they each had
6 hours to complete their original pastry, tablet and table-top showpiece. Based on
finalist feedback, it was a very intense 6 hours and strong “time management” was
key to not only completion, but success!
The spirit of our annual competition is to encourage US chefs to express their talent by
designing and executing their original chocolate creations using Cacao Barry®’s wide
array of products.
“When I realized the caliber of the
judges, there was no question I needed
to give 150%”, said Brégardis.