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Publisher’s Note:
Frederic Monti, a native from France, joined the PreGel AMERICA culinary
staff in 2009. As PreGel’s corporate pastry chef, he has truly redefined the company’s approach to
the pastry world through product development and higher learning. Still a force in the kitchen, he
is the mastermind of hundreds of recipes that come out of PreGel’s Professional Training Center,
and contributes to many of the industry’s top publications.With over 30 years of experience,
Chef Monti has worked for some of the top resorts and restaurants in the world. His craft
leads him to explore his imagination, which unfolds into impressive plated desserts, entremets,
petit gateaux, and inspiring sugar and chocolate showpieces.The pride Chef Monti takes in the
careful execution of his desserts has gained him numerous awards. Chef Monti’s immense skill as
a pastry chef is only matched by both his charm and dedication to this fascinating industry. He
truly is a well-rounded chef with a plethora of experiences in all areas, and this versatility is what
keeps him current and a continued force in the industry.
Peanut Cake
200g (7.1oz)
125g (4.4oz)
brown sugar
100g (3.5oz)
1g (0.04oz)
30g (1.1oz)
PreGel Vellutina®
(Sorbitol Paste)
75g (2.7oz)
5-Star Chef Pastry Select
Almond Paste
13g (0.5oz)
5-Star Chef Pastry Select
Vanilla Compound
25g (0.9oz)
5-Star Chef Pastry Select
Peanut Paste
250g (8.8oz)
whole eggs
300g (10.6oz)
all-purpose flour
12g (0.4oz)
baking powder
300g (10.6oz)
sour cream
Peanut Crunch Base
300g (10.6oz)
Cacao Barry Extra Bitter
Guayaquil Dark Couverture,
64%, tempered
300g (10.6oz)
PreGel Krocco Peanut
(Peanut Cereal Crunch)
Peanut Ganache
200g (7.1oz)
heavy cream
24g (0.9oz)
sorbitol powder
412g (14.5oz)
Cacao Barry Zephyr™ White
Chocolate Couverture, 34%
125g (4.4oz)
5-Star Chef Pastry Select
Peanut Paste
8g (0.3oz)
Cacao Barry Mycryo®
Strawberry Pâté de Fruit
250g (8.8oz)
strawberry puree
25g (0.9oz)
6g (0.2oz)
yellow pectin
250g (8.8oz)
41g (1.5oz)
4g (0.14oz)
tartaric acid solution
18g (0.6oz)
5-Star Chef Pastry Select
Strawberry Compound
Chocolate Glaze
300g (10.6oz)
Cacao Barry Dark
Compound Coating
200g (7.1oz)
Cacao Barry Extra
Bitter Guayaquil Dark
Couverture, 64%
peanut ganache
crunch base
peanut cake
chocolate glaze
pâté de fruit
cross-section diagram