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1. Combine the heavy cream and the sorbitol
powder and heat to a high simmer.
2. Place the Cacao Barry Zephyr™ White
Chocolate Couverture, 34% and the 5-Star
Chef Pastry Select Peanut Paste in the bowl
of a food processor. Pour the hot liquid over
the chocolate and the paste and process until
smooth and homogenous.
3. Cool the mixture to 35°C/95°F and add in the
Cacao Barry Mycryo®, and process again until
smooth and emulsified.
4. Cool the mixture to 31°C/88°F and pour out
into a shallow pan. Cover the ganache with
plastic wrap.
5. Once the ganache has fully crystallized, place
it in the bowl of an electric mixer, and using
the paddle attachment, whip on medium
speed briefly to obtain a smooth and pipeable
Peanut Ganache
1. Bring the fruit purée to a boil in a round
bottomed pan while stirring.
2. Mix together the first amount of sugar and
the pectin.
2. Sprinkle the pectin mixture over the boiling
puree and boil for 2–3 minutes.
3. Mix in the granulated sugar with the fruit
purée in 3 to 4 stages, and then add the
warmed glucose.
4. Cook together to 107°C/225°F to obtain 75°
brix on the refractometer.
5. Stir in the tartaric acid solution and the 5-Star
Chef Pastry Select Strawberry Compound,
and pour into a frame.
Strawberry Pâté de Fruit