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the internet in general. Especially during “CookieGate” the use
of social media gave us and our customers a voice that went far
beyond any marketing expectations we ever had. social media is
something that is not going away, so it is our goal to use it to the
best of our ability to get people in the door.
How does a new product go from idea to the shelves?
It is always good to have a new product to sell or sample.
Some of the new product ideas come from customers and
others are from our staff. The process should start with
how much would this product sell for and generate in sales
in a normal week? After that we decide if that number is
worthy of taking all the R&D time to get it to the display
cases. We also consider if we already stock or need to add
to our ingredient inventory to make this new product. How
labor intensive is it and if it were to become a hit, would
production be able to keep up with the demand are also
important questions we answer before these ideas come to
life. Of course, everyone’s favorite word when a new product
is suggested is “Samples Please.” All the employees, especially
the decorators, are not afraid to tell you what they think
looks or tastes good.
Bethel Bakery is highly involved with the community.
Please describe your Terrible Towel cookies and your
affiliation with the Allegheny Valley School.
There are very few things loved more than the Steelers (and
Bethel Bakery) in Pittsburgh so since 2005, we have used
the Steeler’s Terrible Towel to help raise funds for Allegheny
Valley School. A portion from each sale (20%) of our
Terrible Towel cookies goes to AVS that provides residential
and therapeutic programs for children and adults with
intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 1996, Radio
personality Myron Cope, who invented the Terrible Towel,
gave the rights to AVS which has helped them raise millions
of dollars. Bethel Bakery is proud to say that our cookies
have helped raise a part of those funds to such a great
organization. The Terrible Towel cookie is our business card
shaped iced shortbread cookie with a image of the terrible
towel and a fringe of icing piped on both ends. Shipping is
available for quantities over a dozen.