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Artisan Baker
46 Pastry & Baking North America
Publisher’s Note:
Ciril Hitz is the Department
Chair for the International Baking and Pastry
Institute at Johnson & Wales University in
Providence, Rhode Island. He has been recognized
both nationally and internationally with numerous
awards and accomplishments. More information on
Ciril and his work can be viewed on his web site:
Rosemary is an herb associated with memory and
remembrance, and perhaps that’s why so many people
enjoy this version of sourdough bread. Maybe they
associate the fragrant flavor with the naturally formed,
country herb gardens on their trip to the Greek Islands,
or the herb-infused olive oil on the dinner table in
Tuscany, or the perfectly seasoned lamb entre at a
Mediterranean restaurant. I actually do have a romantic
association with rosemary (small rosemary plants served
as table centerpieces at my wedding), but truthfully
the inspiration for this bread was simply the surplus of
fresh rosemary grown in containers outside of my bake
house. Since I live in New England, our growing season
is very short compared to the plant’s native climate, so I
definitely take advantage of it when I can.
Of course, not everyone is a lover of rosemary. If this
is the case, you can easily add an additional 1000g of
kalamata olives, toasted nuts, or raisins, either alone or in
any combination with each other to add some alternative
flavors.The possibilities are endless.This base formula
is even great without any additional rosemary or other
inclusions, but if you are fortunate enough to have fresh
herbs in your garden all year round you can enjoy this
bread the way it was conceived. Bon appetit...or as the
Greeks would say, kalí óreksi!
Country Farm