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Sweet Spectrum
50 Pastry & Baking North America
Publisher’s Note:
Chef Weber is an assistant
professor in baking and pastry arts at The Culinary
Institute of America (CIA), where his students learn
a modern approach to creating cakes and desserts
using the latest technology and equipment as well
as new presentation methods. After beginning his
career with an apprenticeship under Jean Jeudon
in Paris, Chef Weber has worked in New York City,
Chicago, London, and Paris. He holds a Certificat,
Aptitude Professionnelle from Jean-Ferandi in Paris.
For more information about the world’s premier
culinary college, visit
When you burn something in the kitchen, is your first
reaction to throw it out? CIA Chef StéphaneWeber cautions
not to be so quick to do so – that just happens to be how
his delicious burnt orange ice cream was created! The
flavor was developed when he asked one of his assistants to
roast an orange to give it a caramelized taste as part of the
process of making orange ice cream.When the assistant let
the fruit roast to the point where it started to burn, Chef
Weber decided to go ahead and incorporate it into his ice
cream formula anyway.Although the taste was overwhelming
at first, he thought twice about trashing it and starting
over. Instead, he thought to pair it with dark chocolate and
discovered that the chocolate brought the flavors together
very effectively.Today, ChefWeber’s Flourless Chocolate
Cake, Burnt Orange Ice Cream, and Hazelnut Soil has
become one of the favorite items on his dessert menu.
Enjoy this Flourless Chocolate Cake, Burnt Orange Ice
Cream, and Hazelnut Soil recipe from the CIA.
Convection oven
2-quart pot
4-quart pot
Fine mesh strainer
6-quart bain marie
Ice bath for bain marie
3-ounce ladle
2.5-inch wide silicone mold for
3-inch wide silicone mold for
3-inch x 3-inch acetate sheet for
Chocolate Decor
2 5/8-inch plastic ring with a
homemade 2-inch-wide stamp for
Hazelnut SoilChocolate comb
Oxygen reactor
Ice cream maker
Parchment paper
Plastic wrap
Standing mixer with
whisk and paddle
Rubber spatula
Offset spatula
Bowl scraper
Wooden spoon
4½-sheet trays
By Stéphane Weber
Photography by Nicola Shayer