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Sweet Spectrum
52 Pastry & Baking North America
Vanilla Cream Bubbles Syrup
91g water
27.5g sugar
Vanilla Cream Bubbles
5g vanilla paste
340g heavy cream
85g water
1. Mix all ingredients in a tall bain marie resting
over ice.
2. Place the oxygen reactor in the liquid.
3. Cover the top safely with plastic wrap.
4. Turn on and wait until vanilla cream bubbles
are formed.
Chocolate Décor
1. Comb tempered chocolate over acetate sheet.
2. Smooth sides to “weld” arch legs.
3. Place covered sheet in buche mold.
1. Burnt orange ice cream ingredients: burnt
orange, cream, milk, corn syrup, stabilizer, salt,
sugar, and NFMB.
2. Infusion of milk and burnt oranges.
3. Ice cream mixture.
4. Orange sauce ingredients: pomegranate syrup,
orange juice, mirror glaze, orange zest, and sugar.
5. Reduction of orange juice.
6. Hazelnut soil ingredients: hazelnut flour, flour,
salt, butter, and sugar.
7. Baked hazelnut soil.