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Creative Cakes
58 Pastry & Baking North America
1. Make 3 light green pea size balls from Satin Ice gumpaste
and roll into 3 teardrop shapes, narrower and much
thinner at the top to create the central pistil of the peony.
Pinch 3 sides of each of the pistil with a tweezers.
2. Adhere the 3 pistils together with gum glue.
3. Make 3 sets of stamens.
4. Tape all three sets of stamens to the main central pistil.
5. Make a small sausage with white Satin Ice gumpaste.
Insert a 24” gauge white florist wire to the sausage and roll
to 1/16” thick, leaving the centre slightly thicker where the
wire is inserted.
Using this step, cut out 5 small petals, 5 petals each for the
next two sizes up and finally 8 petals for the largest petal.
6. Ensure that all of the cut petals are covered when not
working with it. Using a metal ball tool, thin the sides of
each of the petals on a soft foam, leaving the centre part
slightly thicker.
7. Vein the petals with a frill veiner.
8. Thin and curl the sides of each petal gently using a
Dresden tool.
9. Dust and shade each petal with edible dusting colors.