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Grand Gateaux
68 Pastry & Baking North America
199g Caster Sugar
72g Salted Butter
2g Salt
Dry caramelise the sugar with a clean saucepan by
adding a small amount of sugar at a time and allowing
it to colour before adding the next addition. Continue
until a golden brown colour is achieved and all the
sugar is fully dissolved. Add the salted butter and salt
immediately. Pour onto a Demarle Silpat mat and
cool. Once cool break into pieces and place in a Robot
Coupe food processor and grind to a powder. Weigh
130g for the recipe below. This can be stored in an air
tight container for 3 months.
Caramel Crème Brulee Centre
495g Bulla Thickened Cream 35% fat
144g Egg Yolks
130g Powdered caramel (from previous recipe)
3 Vanilla Beans
3g Gold Gelatine Sheets
Boil cream and pour it over the egg yolks, previously
mixed with the powdered caramel. Place the mixture
back on the stove and cook the anglaise to 82°C while
stirring. Strain and add the gelatine pre-soaked in cold
water. Deposit into the base of the verrine cup and set
in the fridge.
Raspberry Jelly
500g Boiron Raspberry Puree
75g Caster Sugar
12g Gold Gelatine Sheets
Mix one third of the raspberry puree with the sugar
and the pre-soaked gelatine previously soaked in cold
water. While still warm soak the pain de gene and
retain the rest for the top of the verrine.
Place the caramel crème brulee in the bottom the glass
and set in the fridge. Once set place sliced raspberries
around the outside of the glass. Fill to the top of the
raspberries with lemon cream and insert a disc of pain
de gene previously soaked in raspberry jelly. Continue
to fill with lemon cream and allow to set in the fridge.
Place a thin layer of raspberry jelly on top of the lemon
cream once it is set. Allow the raspberry jelly to set in
the fridge and top with caramelised almonds, white
chocolate lattice and silver leaf to finish.
1. Dry caramelise the sugar to create a caramel.
2. Once fully caramelised add the butter and salt.
3. Pour prepared caramel into a Silpat® Mat.
4. Grind the caramel to a powder in a Robot Coupe
food processor.
5. Combine the egg yolks and the caramelised sugar.
6. Once the cream has been added to the egg yolks
and caramel, place it back on the heat and bring it
up to 80°C.