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20 Pastry & Baking
North America
Sweet Spectrum
Publisher’s Note:
Francisco J. Migoya is an
assistant professor at The Culinary Institute of
America, teaching the Café Operations class for
the baking and pastry arts program. He’s also in
charge of the Apple Pie Bakery Café, one of the
CIA’s public restaurants.And before joining the CIA,
he was executive pastry chef at Thomas Keller’s
The French Laundry, Bouchon Bakery, and Bouchon
Bistro. He thinks of himself as 80% pastry chef and
20% baker and thanks Chef Keller for teaching him
how to enjoy baking the most
Living and working in the bountiful HudsonValley, I
always like to use seasonal produce in my creations.
The following Danish recipe is one of my favorites.
Plum Jam Danish
20-quart standing mixer
-hook attachment
-paddle attachment
4 Sheet pans
Silicone paper – 12 sheets
Rolling pin
Plastic wrap
Bench knife
Chef ’s knife
4” x 4” Steel ring molds – 72
Non-stick cooking spray
1.5” ring cutter
Convection oven with steam
Sauce pot – 8 qt
Hand-held blender
Fine mesh sieve
Rubber spatula
3” diameter fluted cutter
Non-stick rubber mat
2 Pastry bags (no tip)
Decorative ribbon
Hot glue gun
With Cashew Butter, Dried Plum
Financier, and Linzer Cookie.
By Francisco J. Migoya
Photography by Keith Ferris