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professional training point of view. Plus, under the banner of
art and sculpture, the former winners will be asked to bring
artistic bread works to be showcased in personal displays.
At the end of five days, a panel of technical judges and panel
made up of members of the public will select the winner.
Pastry will also be spotlighted again in the Junior World
Pastry Cup held Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th.
This biennial competition reserved for those under23 years
of age will feature participants from 10 countries including
Australia, Brazil, France, England, Japan, New Zealand,
Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Italy. The theme of
the contest is ´The Circus of the Future´ and each team will
be represented by two pastry chefs accompanied by their
trainer, who will be part of the international panel of judges.
Each team will be required to present one sugar and one
chocolate showpiece along with a chocolate cake and a gelato
bar with a free choice of flavour and glazed in chocolate, three
pralines and a cream dessert based on white chocolate and
fruit. The international panel of judges, chaired by Gianluca
Fusto (the trainer of the winning team in 2011) will be made
up of Massari (honorary chairman), Stephan Klein, Paco
Torreblanca and Eliseo Tonti. Roberto Rinaldini, President of
the World Cup and creator of the event, says, “There is eager
expectation for the event and the teams are already training
hard. At Rimini Fiera we shall have the great pastry chefs of
the future for a world-level showcase that will definitely be a
must for all the pastry trade members.”
The 34th edition of SIGEP will be the world´s most
important in the artisan gelato sector along with a heightened
emphasis pastry, Italian confectionery and artisan bread
baking. The thematic sections, international competitions,
live demos, courses and seminars all will contribute to the
makings of a spectacular event.
To request a free entrance card or information to organize
your trip to SIGEP AB TECH 2013 you can contact
BBG Class Sell-Out
Silver Medalist Mike Zakowski Teaches
Sold-Out Whole Grain Baking Class For
The Bread Bakers Guild of America
August 2012, Sonoma, CA – On August 11-12, Mike Zakowski
taught a sold-out class, “Coupe du Monde Whole Grain
Breads & Stenciling Techniques,” for The Bread Bakers Guild
of America. The class, which was hosted by Keith Giusto
Bakery Supply in Petaluma, CA, was part of The Guild’s
Cereal Series: Going With the Grain, which emphasizes
baking with whole grains.
The two-day, hands-on class focused on the formulas
and techniques that Zakowski used when he and the other
members of Bread Bakers Guild Team USA won a silver medal
at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (World Cup of
Baking) in Paris in March 2012.
The class baked Zakowski’s four freestyle Coupe du Monde
breads – Pearpequi, Ryebatta, Yecora Roja, and Kracked
Kamut – and also learned creative stenciling techniques to add
a beautiful finishing touch to their loaves.
Some of the students’ comments were:
• “
This has been an outstanding class.”
• “
Getting a chance to experience what Mike did for the
Coupe was extremely educational. He was thorough and
informative... The class was very impressive.”
• “
Mike is truly an inspiring baker.”
Zakowski is a graduate of the culinary arts program at
Kendall College in Chicago, IL. When he owned Kraftsmen
Baking in Houston, TX, he was named Best Baker in Houston
and won the Best Bread award for his pain biologique. For
five years he was Operations Manager at Artisan Bakers in
Sonoma, CA. He currently owns his own bakery, The Bejkr,
and markets his creations at farmers markets in Sonoma
County, CA.
The Cereal Series: Going With the Grain is part of The
Guild’s mission to “shape the skills and knowledge of the
artisan baking community.” To view the 2012 events calendar,
The Bread
Bakers Guild of
America is a non-
profit organization
comprised of
professional bakers,
farmers, millers,
suppliers, educators,
students, home
bakers, technical
experts, and
bakery owners and
managers who work
together to support
the principle and the
practice of producing
the highest quality
baked goods.