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Sweet Science
Mizzou Food Science Students Create a
Chocolate Bar
Mo. – It’s crunch
time at Mizzou
not football or
final exams, but
This week
Mizzou Crunch,
a chocolate bar
designed by a team
of University of
Missouri food
science students,
goes on sale.  The
creation is a real
world experience
for the students
taking a project
from idea in the
classroom to salable product and checking off all of the
science, business, marketing and legal aspects in between.
Azlin Mustapha, associate professor of food science at
the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources,
organized the team of five students.  She collaborated with
Alan “Patric” McClure of Patric Chocolate of Columbia, Mo.
to bring the bar to market.
This was McClure’s first experience at working with
students.  He said he was surprised and pleased by their
enthusiasm, and willingness to learn and throw out
new ideas.
Patric Chocolate was founded in 2006 to please the
palate of the most discriminating chocolate lover. McClure’s
confections are not mass produced – they are handmade.
McClure learned lessons about sourcing cultivated cacao
from tropical venues as Mexico, Central and South America,
and Madagascar where farmers grow, ferment and dry
the raw material. He then gained experience in chocolate
manufacturing – roasting beans, separating the shell and
germ from the raw chocolate or nib, grinding and mixing
with sugar.  He also learned the finer points of conching
intense, heated mixing), aging and molding.
The Mizzou Crunch bar is designed to be a unique taste
experience, a layered and somewhat European experience,”
Mustapha said.  “The first flavor you detect is the salt.  Then
you experience the dark chocolate, followed by the milk
chocolate taste.  Then, the taste and texture change altogether
when you sense the roasted peanuts.”
But will it sell?  “I’ll buy it,” said Hauck.  “This thing is
going to sell like crazy,” agreed McClure.
Proceeds from purchases will go back into the Food
Science program to support future student projects.  The bar
can be purchased through the Patric Chocolate website at: