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Atlanta, GA – 2012 From August 3rd through August 5th,
Pastry Live hosted the second annual Pastry Live Weekend.
Produced by veteran chef Paul Bodrogi, each day this year
featured gripping competitions with Friday and Saturday
including seminars taught by the industry’s leading talents.
On Friday morning, Michael Joy and Chef JimMullaney
kicked off the weekend’s seminars with their demonstration
on mold making and food casting techniques. Their class
highlighted the art behind crafting silicone molds and followed
through with the many uses these molds can have within
the kitchen. That same afternoon, Chef Susan Notter and
Karen Portaleo once more delighted the crowd with their
combined talents, transforming modeling chocolate and sugar
into a stunning under the sea display. On Saturday, Chefs
Andy Chlebana and Stephen Durfee shared with attendees,
not only their competition experience and knowledge, but
delicious time-saving recipes as well. Closing out the weekend’s
seminars, Chef Michael Laiskonis revealed insights on the
numerous methods for adding modern flavor to classic desserts
through his Rose-Mango Religieuse creation.
Over the weekend, seasoned professionals and new comers
alike contended in Pastry Live’s competitions. In the Student
Chocolate Challenge, students represented their schools for
prizes and recognition with the winning showpiece going to
Rebecca Schappell of the Pennsylvania School of Culinary
Arts. While culinary students from across the country
tempered chocolate and built showpieces, cake artists in the
Art of Cake recreated works of art from fondant and icing.
Each cake created embodied their respective art inspirations
beautifully, but the winning design was Dawn Joy Stoika’s of
Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.
Dawn Joy’s cake, inspired by Andy Warhol, featured many
iconic images from the well known artist. During the creation
of her piece, she was motivated by Warhol’s wise words to
artists everywhere to simply create, unhindered by other’s
judgments of the finished work. From hand painted pop art
renditions of Marilyn Monroe to a small caricature figure of
the famous artist himself, Dawn Joy’s design covered every
facet of the controversial artist’s work down to the very last
detail. But, her skillful design wasn’t the only aspect that
impressed the judges as her tasting cake earned her high
praise for its overall flavor profile. Iced in Swiss buttercream,
her almond lavender cake with lemon cream filling expressed
her baking talent right along with her artistic ability, earning
her the first place award.
Second place went to Dawn Davis of Dawn Bakes Cakes,
whose design was inspired by the natural grace of Art
Nouveau. She was further influenced by this artistic style
through her memories of the stained glass windows found
where she was raised in Oak Park, Illinois. One of the most
detailed features of her design was the delicate doll figurine
perched on the top of her cake. Crafted from a combination
of fondant and gumpaste, the hand painted topper drew
many elements from Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha.
While Dawn’s display was expertly created, her tropical
tres leche tasting cake with whipped buttercream icing
demonstrated her baking prowess to the judging panel.
Vinny Garcia of the Bleeding Heart Bakery took third
place with his design inspired by the tattoo creations of
Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. Paying homage to Sailor
Jerry’s nautical background, Vinny’s mermaid cake
included meticulously detailed tattoo artwork reminiscent
of his inspiration’s art style. His coconut cake filled with
caramelized pineapple and spiced rum buttercream finished
his overall presentation to the judges.
This year’s newest competition, the Signature Plated
Dessert, featured some of the top pastry chefs in the nation.
Competitors had three hours in which to prepare their
signature” dessert, each producing truly delicious results.
Although a very close race, Chef James Satterwhite of
Charlotte Country Club took first place.
Chef Satterwhite’s winning “Almond Apricot Harmony”
dessert featured an impressive number of components,
demonstrating to the judges his mastery of time
management as well as flavor composition. A seamless
combination of apricot, almond and milk chocolate, his
dessert earned high marks from the judges for its overall
taste and balance. Each component of his dessert was
meticulously placed, earning him praise from the judges
for its artistic structure. From his excellently crafted dessert
to his professionalism within the kitchen, Chef Satterwhite
decidedly earned his first place standing.
But, it was a tough decision for the judges, as second
place winner Chef Amanda Parker of Villa Christina also
earned exceedingly high scores. Her “Banana Panna Cotta
and Chocolate Hazelnut Biscuit” dessert featured a passion
fruit banana sorbet and brûléed banana slices. Chef Parker’s
dessert impressed the judges with its flavor profile and
texture, representing her culinary style well. Garnished
with a ring of banana tuile and caramelized hazelnuts, Chef
Parker created a beautifully presented dessert.
Third place in the competition was awarded to Chef Leslie
Davis of CocoFlow Chocolate Café. Chef Davis’ “Chocolate
Yuzu Panna Cotta” featured colorful garnishes and bright
flavors, including edible flowers and a raspberry hibiscus
granite. Her dish consisted of several complimentary
Pastry Live 2012
Art of Cake winners