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components, creating both an interesting flavor profile
and design makeup, earning solid scores from the judges.
In the Chocolatier of the Year, ten chocolate artisans
presented some of the country’s highest-quality,
handcrafted chocolates. Each vied for the prestigious
title of Chocolatier of the Year, but it was Jerome Jacob
of Bellagio Resort Hotel and Casino who claimed the
ultimate award. Additionally, Chef Melissa Coppel of
Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolates was the top pick for the
People’s Choice Award, as her chocolates received an
overwhelming number of votes from the audience.
Creative boundaries were pushed in the National
Showpiece Championship. While many extraordinary
showpiece designs were composed, Chefs Daniel
James Satterwhite’s
Almond Apricot Harmony
Banana Panna Cotta and
Chocolate Hazelnut Biscuit