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Among the crowd though, Team Oscar Ortega and
Alejandro Lechuga were crowned the ultimate favorite for
their sugar showpiece titled “Natura,” earning the People’s
Choice Award. Their showpiece design, inspired by Mother
Nature and evolution, was also awarded Best Sugar Showpiece
by the judges. Their piece featured a multitude of sugar flora
and fauna, including a realistic blown sugar snail.
With their chocolate showpiece titled “Earth and Industry,”
Team Joshua Cain and Sheldon Millett were chosen by their
peers for the “Competitor’s Choice Award.” Derived from
the idea of balancing life with striving industry, the team’s
design consisted of steel chocolate beams and colorful flowers
in full bloom. Best Showpiece Artistry, a new award for
artistic excellence, went to Team Gonzalo Jimenez and David
Lewis for their steampunk inspired chocolate machine, fully
equipped with chocolate bolts and nuts.
While many pastry competitions call for competitors to
endure extraordinary hardships, the National Showpiece
Championship is designed to overcome such constraints and
allows chefs the freedom to be both creative and innovative.
Each team exhibited a high level of creative capability,
demonstrating what minimal restrictions produce. Pastry
Live wishes to congratulate Chefs Daniel Keadle and Craig
Chamberlain for winning this year’s National Showpiece
Championship. Pastry Live also thanks each competitor for
their outstanding work, professionalism and for helping to
make this yet another successful year.
With the close of yet another successful event, plans are
already underway for next year. Details and dates for Pastry
Live 2013 will soon be released!
For more about Pastry Live, please contact Event Producer
Paul Bodrogi
or 678.881.9490. Further
information is also available online at
Keadle and Craig
Chamberlain were
named this year’s
National Showpiece
Seven teams of
two chefs competed
over the course
of eight hours,
showpieces utilizing
a unique trio of
pedestal bases.
Combined with no
theme, an entirely
new range of
showpiece design
was encouraged among the teams. Team Keadle’s chocolate
showpiece, titled “Quetzalcoatlus,” gained high marks for its
visual appeal as well as its overall design. Approaching their
piece with the desire to form a sculpture that was fun for the
audience and judges, the team relied on their own creative
abilities, steering clear from mimicking other designs. With
this as their ultimate challenge, the team utilized the Stan
Winston School of Character Arts as a starting point for
driving their creativity.
Aiming to develop a character piece that possessed
both presence and depth, the team settled upon several
unique influences for their design. Chief among these was
that of the mythical creature, the Phoenix, which they
aesthetically combined with their shared love for Mayan and
Aztec cultures. Many details of their finished piece clearly
exhibited their theme’s goal through the various cast, carved
and hand molded aspects of their sculpture.
Best Overall
Best Sugar