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Hazelnut Gianduja stars with croquant and caramelized nut slivers covered with milk couverture and decorated with Xococflakes.
Hazelnut Gianduja stars covered with dark couverture and
decorated with chopped roasted almonds.
Coconut Gianduja stars with Edelweiss 36% couverture topped with
chopped cranberries. pistachios, candied orange peel and gold leaf.
Silicon star stencil, 2 and 4 mm
Cellophane bags for stars/trees
gold or silver base cards for stars/tress
Felchlin range of Giandujas
in 2 kg blocks or 5/6 kg pails
Felchlin Almond Sliver Tree
Felchlin Switzerland is
pleasured to announce the
launch of its new concept
Felchlin Almond Sliver Tree.
Just in time for the season this creative
concept composed of 2 silicon star stencils
and packaging are great tools to enrich every
pastry chefs’ Christmas selection. Explore
the plenty of possibility by choosing from
Felchlins rich range of Giandujas and design
your own almond sliver tree or chocolate star.