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Spread the couverture evenly over the Felchlin
mm star patterned moulding form.
Place the Felchlin 2 mm stencil once
again over the couverture stars, making
sure it fits exactly.
Place the almond sliver mix onto the
couverture star bases, overfilling the
Felchlin 4 mm form, retain the star shape.
Place the different sized stars on top of
each other to create a tree.
Place the Gianduja sticks in the middle of
each star and lightly press.
Place the Felchlin 4 mm stencil over the
Felchlin 2 mm stencil.
Cool in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
Place the tree on a Tango praline at the
bottom (trunk) and decorate the top
using a star made of couverture.
Remove the Felchlin 2 mm silicon star stencil.
Prepare the almond sliver mix as instructed
by the recipe.
Loosen the 4 mm stencil and carefully take
out the chocolate stars.
Gently dust the whole tree with icing sugar.