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Off The Wire
Complete with the signature stories and
commentary that fans adore, chapters also include
feature-ingredient infographics with quirky facts and
charts, and helpful Baked notes that make creating
these desserts as easy as pie.
Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito left their day jobs
in advertising to open their bakery, Baked, in Brooklyn,
to immediate praise from fans across the country. They
have been featured on Oprah, the TODAY show, the
Food Network, and the Martha Stewart Show. Their
previous books include Baked and Baked Explorations.
Lewis and Poliafito live in New York City.
Available now for sale on and other
bookstores nationwide.
Baked Elements
Our 10 Favorite Ingredients
The Baked boys are back! This gorgeous new cookbook
from Stewart Tabori & Chang: Baked Elements: Our 10
Favorite Ingredients. Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito
present 75 inventive new recipes revolving solely
around their ten most-loved ingredients – from peanut
butter and caramel to malt and booze. Lewis and
Poliafito celebrate these favorite elements by baking
each one into a variety of delicious cookies, bars, cakes,
milkshakes, and more, sweets perfect for everyday
cravings, special occasions, late-night celebrations, and
weekend get-togethers.