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three chefs put forward a tasting that earned them the Judges’
Prize for Best Dégustation.  Chef Josh created three chocolate
bonbons including a layered confection with raspberry,
vanilla, and hazelnut; and a molded cassis marshmallow with
pear pâtes de fruits in a thin, milk chocolate shell.  One of
the chocolate bonbons contained coffee caramel, chocolate
nougatine, and hickory-coriander praline, a flavor profile
which was closely echoed in their chocolate petit gâteau.  The
other petits gâteaux reflected bright, summertime flavors: one
with strawberry and pistachio; the other with tropical fruits
complemented by vanilla mousse and mango-yuzu spheres. 
A semi-cylindrical entremet combined several flavors and
textures: tangerine compote, chocolate cremeaux, vanilla
mousse, with a hazelnut sponge and crumble.  Banana ice
cream, mulberry sorbet, and vanilla parfait combined to
make an impressive entremet glacé with hints of hazelnut. 
Team USA’s plated dessert combined the traditional flavors
of Parisian apples with crème fraîche mousse and made it
unique with the introduction of yuzu gelée, verbena, and
black bamboo salt.  Almost every dessert was decorated with
fresh herbs and micro-greens: from coriander and basil to
black mint and lemon verbena.
Over a dozen judges contemplated and tasted the work
as the competitors presented each completed product. 
Throughout the two-day competition which took place
over thirteen total hours, spectators from all around the
world were cheering on their country’s representatives. 
The audience, made up mostly of pastry professionals and
students, were treated to an excellent show in which they were
able to witness the latest in pastry techniques and aesthetics.
It was a really positive experience to be able to see
all the competitors working on that high level,” Chef
Josh reflected after returning to Chicago.  “Competitions
push concepts, trends, and individuals and that moves
the pastry industry forward.  It also inspires young
professionals to reach for that level and to challenge
themselves no matter where they are.”
With the silver medal, Team USA accomplished one of
their goals to prove that North American pastry chefs can
compete at this level of international excellence.  Over the
past two years of preparation, Chefs Gossett, Green, and
Johnson have challenged themselves and broadened their
base of knowledge and experience so that, upon returning to
The French Pastry School, they can serve as better mentors,
teachers, and inspiration to their students of the full-time
programs, L’Art de la Pâtisserie and L’Art du Gâteau.
Team USA
Working Hard