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Place the cut cylinders in the loaf pans. If the
loaves shrink slightly from the dividing, press lightly
and evenly on the tops of them to fill the length of
the pan.
Alternatively, the divided loaves may be cut
into thirds and placed cut side up/down as per
cinnamon rolls in the loaf pan.
A third option is to divide the cylinder into three
long strips to be braided.
A fourth shaping option is to use scissors to divide
the dough into four or five triangles.
Place the pans in a proof box set at 75° and
approximately 75% humidity until the loaves
are 75% of the size of the height of the pan,
approximately 1.5-2 hours.
Brush all loaves with egg wash. The cylinders may be
baked hole or cut with scissors as demonstrated.
Bake in a 450°F deck oven with light steam.
Open the vent at the onset of color.
Finish with the door open.
Approximate bake time: 35-45 minutes.
Remove the loaves from the pans immediately
after removing them from the oven.
Place on a cooling rack.
Prior to rolling the cylinders, the dough may be covered
with ground nuts and/or grated cheese. Moisten the
dough lightly with water before applying the inclusions
Herbs may be added to the dough when it is used to
accompany seafood, game, etc.
Loaves may be sliced for toasting; the lamination makes
the toast crispy and buttery. Thin slices brushed lightly
with butter yield unique melba toast.