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Hands On Chocolate
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Publisher’s Note:
Prior to his joining Guittard
Chocolate as the in-house pastry chef, Donald
Wressell spent 19 years at the Four Seasons
Beverly Hills where he was named the 2005 Pastry
Chef of the Year, won Silver and Gold medals in
the Grand Salon Culinaire and placed second at
the Les Masters du Chocolat competition. Chef
Donald also represented the USA four times in
Le Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie and recently
captained the winning team at the 2011 National
Pastry Team Championship.
Linzer Cookies
Originating in Austria, the term “Linzertorte” refers to a rich
buttery pastry that is filled with fruit preserves and is known
to be the earliest-found written recipe dating back to 1653.
Over time, the torte was made into a tart and eventually
cookies. They can be formed into all shapes and sizes making
it ideal for holidays and special occasions. But, if you want to
make them really special, always add chocolate!
Chocolate Linzer Cookies
Butter 680g
Granulated sugar 495g
Egg yolks 120g
Whole eggs 50 g
Hazelnut flour 450g
Cake flour 510g
E. Guittard Cacao Rouge 170g
Baking powder 14g
Saigon cinnamon 2g
Sea salt 3g
Blend butter and sugar well.
Add the eggs. Scrape.
Add all of the dry ingredients.
Mix until just blended. Chill.
Roll to 3mm. and dust with cacao nib sugar.
Bake @ 350˚F. When cool sandwich with ganache.
Cream 312g
Invert sugar 90g
E.Guittard 58% La Premiere Etoile 455g
Butter 120g
Bring cream to a boil with invert sugar and pour chocolate.
Cool to100 F. add room temperature butter and emulsify
with an immersion blender
Cacao Nib Sugar
Sugar 100g
E. Guittard Cacao Nibs 100g
Grind nibs with sugar in a food processor. Reserve.
Raspberry Jam
Fresh raspberries 300g
Raspberry puree 100g
Sugar 210g
Glucose 90g
Sugar 45g
Nh pectin 14g
Lemon juice 45g
Photos by Vanessa Stump
Stand mixer
Rolling pin
Induction stove
(2) 2
qt pans
Rubber spatula
Immersion blender
Square cutter
Pastry bags/tube
Food processor