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Publisher’s Note:
Kirsten Tibballs is one of
Australia’s most celebrated and internationally
respected pastry chefs. Specialising in chocolate
and patisserie, Kirsten is the Australian Ambassador
for Callebaut and Cacao Barry Chocolate and she
established the Savour Chocolate and Patisserie
School in Melbourne in 2002. For more information
visit www.
I was inspired to create an entremet with white chocolate
that was not too sweet. I think Blush has a perfect balance of
flavours including bitter, salty, sweet and tart. I wanted it to
look feminine whilst still maintaining a clean look.
Callebaut Mycryo Cocoa Butter
Cacao Barry Tanzanie Origin 75%
Grapefruit vodka
Callebaut Cocoa Nibs
Boiron Pink Grapefruit Puree
Callebaut White Chocolate W2 28%
Pink oil based colour
PCB Pink Velvet Spray
Chocolate cool spray
x 180mm x 45mm cake rings
Demarle Flexipan® ref 1548
Demarle Silpain® mat
Demarle Silpat® mat
Salted Caramel
g Caster Sugar
g Fresh Cream 35% fat
g Liquid glucose
g Cacao Barry Tanzanie Origin 75%
g Unsalted butter
g Salt
g Grapefruit vodka
Dry caramelize the caster sugar. Once all the
sugar is dissolved and you have achieved a
light caramel colour add in the boiled cream
and glucose then re-heat to 105°C. Pour over
the Cacao Barry Tanzanie. Add the butter,
salt and the grapefruit vodka and emulsify
with a stick blender. Place in a bowl and
cover with plastic wrap until it cools. Place
in a disposable piping bag.