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Coconut Shortbread Pastry
g Butter
g Icing sugar
g Desiccated coconut
g Whole Eggs
g Plain Flour
g Salt
g Baking powder
QS Callebaut Mycryo Cocoa Butter
Whip the butter up into a thick, smooth paste with an
electric mixer. When it becomes smooth, add the icing sugar,
the desiccated coconut and the eggs. Mix until combined
and add in the sieved flour, salt and baking powder. Once the
pastry has come together, press into a neat flat square and
wrap in plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator for a minimum
of 2 hours. Roll the pastry out to a 3mm thickness and cut 2
discs 180mm in diameter. Bake for 18 minutes at 160°C on a
perforated tray with a Demarle Silpain® mat. As it comes out
of the oven dust the pastry disc with Mycryo Cocoa Butter.
Once cool, wrap the pastry in plastic wrap and store at room
temperature until required.
Coconut Financier
g Desiccated coconut
g Lemon zest
g Icing sugar
g Unsalted butter
g Icing sugar
g Inverted sugar
g Egg whites
g Plain flour
g Baking powder
g Callebaut Cocoa Nibs
Grind the desiccated coconut, lemon zest and icing sugar
together in a Robot Coupe to a fine powder. Melt the
butter until you achieved a nut brown colour and set aside.
Combine the second group of icing sugar and the coconut
mixture together with the inverted sugar and egg whites. Mix
to create a paste and then fold through the sieved plain flour
and baking powder and lastly the melted butter and cocoa
nibs. Bake in a Demarle Flexipan® ref 1548 at 170°C for 15-
Pink Grapefruit Crème
g Boiron Pink Grapefruit Puree
g Water
g Whole eggs
g Caster sugar
g Butter
g Gold Gelatine Sheets
Place in a medium saucepan the grapefruit puree, eggs, water
and sugar and heat on a low heat whilst stirring to 80°C. Add
the pre-soaked gelatine and slowly add the butter in whilst
stirring. Pour into a Demarle Flexipan® 1548 and freeze.
Store in the freezer until required.
White Chocolate Mousse
g Fresh Cream 35% fat
g Full cream milk
g Caster sugar
g Egg yolks
g Callebaut White Chocolate W2 28%
g Gold gelatine sheets
Semi-whip the fresh cream and set aside in the fridge. Boil
the milk in a saucepan and combine the sugar and egg yolks
in a separate bowl. Pour the boiled milk over the egg yolks
and sugar mixture and mix together. Return to the stove on a
low heat and while stirring heat to 80°C. Strain immediately
and add the pre-soaked gelatine then pour over the white
chocolate and whisk to combine. Cool to 34°C before folding
through the semi whipped cream.
White Chocolate Glaze
g Full cream milk
g Liquid glucose
g Gold gelatine leaves
g Callebaut W2 white chocolate 28%
g Oil soluble pink colour
Boil the milk with the glucose. Remove from the stove then
add the pre-soaked gelatine and pour over white chocolate
and oil soluble pink colour. Whisk by hand and finish mixing
with a stick blender until the glaze is emulsified. Cover with
plastic wrap touching the surface of the glaze. When the glaze
reaches between 35˚C to 40˚C you can glaze the cake. This
mixture is best stored in the freezer. When required it can be
reheated in the microwave.
QS Desiccated coconut
QS Pink oil based colour
QS Callebaut W2 White Chocolate 28%
QS PCB Pink velvet spray
QS Chocolate cool spray
Refine the desiccated coconut in a Robot Coupe or finely chop.
Rub the pink colour through it. Crystalize the white chocolate
and pipe various size dots onto a Demarle Silpat®. While still
wet sprinkle half of the dots with pink coconut. Once the other
chocolate dots are set, spray them lightly with chocolate cool
spray immediately after with the PCB velvet spray. Place the
garnishes sporadically onto the glazed entremet.
Place two 180mm x 45mm cake rings lined with acetate onto
a tray lined with a Demarle Silpat® mat. Place the coconut
shortbread into the base and pipe the prepared salted caramel
on top. Cover with a disc of financier followed by the white
chocolate mousse, spread the mousse up the sides of the
acetate with a palate knife and insert the frozen disc of pink
grapefruit crème. Cover to the top of the cake ring with
additional mousse and level off the top. Freeze the entremets
and once frozen glaze with the prepared glaze and garnish.