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SIGEP with
AB Tech Expo
Two great events together but with the same goal:
combining the whole bakery supply chain while
strengthening the sector with new business opportunities
in all international markets. This is the aim of Rimini Fiera
and Consorzio SIPAN who have decided to combine both
SIGEP and A.B. Tech Expo from January 19-23rd 2013.
By combining both events under the same roof, experts of
the bakery supply chain will have a complete overview on
trends and innovation in the whole sector.
Held in Rimini, Italy, the SIGEP event will spotlight
unique sectors such as gelato, coffee and pastry and
the A.B. Tech Expo will put front and center the best in
confectionery and bakery with a focus on raw materials,
technologies and fittings for bread, hand made pasta and
pizza. The exhibition in 2013 will be a huge melting pot
of international players with a truly global profile. Based
upon this year’s great success with a 21% increase in foreign
visitors, the 2013 show is destined to be spectacular.
On the competition side of the show, after six editions of
the SIGEP Bread Cup, this year, SIGEP has decided to bring
together the five previous winning nations in a great show
of international bread baking. Bakers from Italy, Germany,
Israel, United States and Hungary will be battle it out for
the GOLDEN BREAD CUP. In collaboration of Club Arti e
Mestieri, each day of the expo will feature a national team
who will be tasked with presenting their recipes to other
teams and Italian and international visitors. The recipes will
reflect the traditional bread of each country and the latest
trends they see impacting the baking world. Production
techniques will also be covered, ensuring coverage from a