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SIGEP 2016
201,321 visitors 8%
more than 2015
This year’s SIGEP enjoyed
over 200,000 visitors which is
a record, highlighted by 42,000 foreign visitors from
150 countries.
Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni
commented, ´At the end of the expo, the signs of growth
seen on the market in recent months and which we are now
sharing are confirmed. It is a global success, for a local area
that is organized and welcoming, an efficient international
level expo centre, a sector representing solid Italian-made
products with a growth potential still to be fully exploited,
and which we are already working on to support.´
The halls hosted over 500 events promoted by Rimini
Fiera and by the participating companies, all featuring
knowledge and innovation in pastry, gelato, confections
and baking. Patrizia Cecchi, manager of Rimini Fiera´s
Wellness, Food & Beverage & Consumer business unit,
commented, ´The worldwide success of SIGEP is due to
the unbeatable interaction between innovative companies
targeting export, the world’s great master artisans and
international events. The expo thus connects the growth
processes and speeds up prospects of development.
Three firmly connected components, which represent a
fast moving system that multiplies relations, contacts
and contracts.´
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